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The Rising Inflation on Oil Prices

This episode, founding CEO, Peter Lundgreen, gives a look on the rising oil prices and how it is affecting the financial markets today.

It feels like November 1985

Investors seem increasingly stressed, which is demonstrated through a more nervous financial market around the world, but it might be helpful to find a bit of zen in mega-trends.

Developments on Green Energy

This is Lundgreen’s Investor Insights’ new podcast where we talk about the whys and hows on our views of the global financial markets in light of today’s trends. For this episode, our founding CEO, Peter Lundgreen, talks about green energy as...
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Another nudge down for the French economy

France went another nudge downwards on the rating scale at the rating agency Fitch, though this has happened before without much drama. However, this time, there were new arguments behind the downgrade, and they are worrying.

One Easter egg for the German economy

Some economists had predicted a rather severe recession for the German economy during 2023. The reality is better, though no more than that and most recently, Germany’s government missed another chance for improving the situation.
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