Economic Spotlight

Global inflation has peaked, but…

Inflation continues to impact many of the movements in the financial markets around the world, but the speed of the coming retreat in inflation rates is also of decisive importance.

Investors are not ready for good news

The overall financial market is still strongly focused on several negative developments in many economies around the world, but investors must always be aware when everyone in the financial markets is looking in the same direction.

The European Central Bank will be busy

The European Central Bank is behind in hiking interest rates, though more work might arise since spontaneous energy crises can also create unexpected hyperinflation periods during the rest of this decade.

Credit quality beats rate hikes

Italy's current credit rating has been set to "negative outlook" by Moody's, and though it may still take a while before it formally becomes a significant change, investors should be quicker to react.

A new type of “bull” on Wall Street

The financial markets are currently experiencing highly dramatic interest rate increases from the US central bank Fed, though without panic thus far, but in the background is a continuously developing global macroeconomic split.

Time to buy into Far East

The global economy is still suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic, but economies will open up and investors will soon search for new opportunities – despite the coming rate hikes in the US.

The bulls will hardly take over in Germany

The new German government has finally come into place and is now starting its work, this is unlikely to cause the financial markets to shudder right now, but some southern European countries are probably more tense.
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