Economic Spotlight

Time to buy into Far East

The global economy is still suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic, but economies will open up and investors will soon search for new opportunities – despite the coming rate hikes in the US.

The bulls will hardly take over in Germany

The new German government has finally come into place and is now starting its work, this is unlikely to cause the financial markets to shudder right now, but some southern European countries are probably more tense.

Equity investors hunt for return

Wall Street relaxedly received the news of the next monetary tightening in U.S., but equity investors could very well search for new opportunities, thus also taking new risks.

A mighty megatrend returns

The Covid-19 crisis caused a significant drop in income for many households around the world, but at some point, the journey towards the middle class will revert again - probably in even more countries than before.

China – When a giant must fall

Last week, nervous investors took an immediate sigh of relief when China Evergrande announced an agreement on one interest payment in the domestic Chinese loan market, but the company's problems will return.

A consumer message to Wall Street

An end to the lockdowns in Western countries was long-awaited by the consumers, and the financial markets have been waiting to see the increased spending turn into rising corporate profits – but consumers are now sending mixed signals…

The next global crisis is underway

Some might hope that the world is on its way out of the Covid-19 crisis, though it's still hard to determine, now would be a good time to start the macroeconomic clean-up work, as several tough pills need to be digested before the next crisis.
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