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The bulls will hardly take over in Germany

The new German government has finally come into place and is now starting its work, this is unlikely to cause the financial markets to shudder right now, but some southern European countries are probably more tense.

The tide is changing

During this second quarter, it is my expectation that especially European investors will have to move towards a more balanced view of China's economy. It will actually be a big change since a large part of the financial markets have focused on a "hard landing" for China's economy.

Great headline growth

The central bank had indicated that the continued decline in inflation could lead the way for lower interest rates. It probably cheers the medium-sized companies in India as they have long complained about the high-interest rates.

Feeling the global challenge

The global economy is under pressure and it changes quite quickly for several reasons. Last year almost all economists forecasted that Germany would generate a higher GDP growth in 2016 compared to 2015.

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Spring moves up through Europe with an average of 40 km. per day. When our good friends in Munich say that spring has arrived then there are only three weeks until it reaches Denmark. But this year the arrival is somewhat delayed, however, when it arrives, an explosion of activity spreads across the country where everybody wants to be outdoor. Garden centers, building centers, restaurants with outdoor seating, etc. enjoy the explosive activity and it is quite charming.